First Photoshop Experience!

Hiiiiiiiiiii everyone! I’ve been on hiatus for a while, but today I’m going to show you guys four images I made with Adobe Photoshop! I only just got Photoshop, and I’ve been working hard making 2017 desktop images for my school.

I’ve always seen Photoshop is impossibly difficult and professional…however, that is NOT the case! If you take some time to read tutorials and stay patient, eventually you’ll get the hang of all the tools in PS.

Without further rambling from me, here are the crystals of my first ever PS experience! Along with the techniques I learned making that certain image 🙂

(Yoo hoo!)

(On we go!)

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Nano Update 1.9 + Ceramics Museum Visit

Because…I’m not supposed to post today! I’m supposed to post tomorrow. BUT I’m going to anyway because Nano Update 1.9 just sounds so cool!

Current Wordcount

Wordcount goal: 50000

Total words written: 18002

Words remaining: 31998               


I’m pretty proud of myself for getting this far, even though I AM about 2000 words behind my goal. Good luck to everyone else participating! How’re you all coping? Is anyone actually ahead of their wordcount goal?

Friendly Warning: From here on I’m veering off Nanowrimo and telling you about my visit to the ceramics museum 🙂

My cousin came round this Saturday and we took a trip to the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum.

I’m going to shut up now and let you look at some photos in peace 🙂

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Procrastinating…Shrink Plastic

I bought a packet of shrink plastic some ways back when my mum and I went to Kyoto. Today, seeing as I didn’t have a particular schedule, I decided to have a go and making a shrink plastic charm!

I had two goes, and the first one looks like this:


As you can see, there’s a little dent in the middle and a crimp at the top, because of the tweezers I used to pick it up from the oven.

The second one was more successful, and here I’ve written a tutorial for your future reference 🙂

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The Wisdom of Anagrams

Today, a friend of mine was showing me what the anagrams she created out of a word. That reminded me of my previous passion for anagrams, which came from when I first read A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Lemony Snicket is a genius with anagrams, and due to my love of the series, there was a period when I spent free time jotting down anagrams for the members of my family. But that time has passed, and it’s only today did I think to use Internet Anagram Server to create an anagram of my name, Coralie Skies.

(in case you don’t know what an anagram is…)

a word or phrase made by changing the order of the letters in another word or phrase

I found out some pretty outrageous truths about my pen name 🙂

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This is just a super quick post saying that I took my taekwondo yellow belt test today, and I actually passed!!!! *showers myself with confetti and gobbles cake*

I was a little nervous but not so much. The test was pretty easy and I think I did well!

I’ll probably be getting my belt next Saturday, and I’ll definitely post a picture of it then!

Solaice xxxxxxxxxxx

Things I Wish Were Invented

I’ve actually got time for a fun post! YAY!

So, today, I’ve been wondering if people invented these things…the great benefits it’d have for mankind! Any of these, if invented would easily equal the importance of the invention of CHOCOLATE!

Waterproof books

Now there are not only hardback and paperback…there is waterproof back! That way I can read in the bath or when it’s raining. BONUS: An adhesive thingy on the back, so I can jam it on the wall, making it easier to reach and flip.

Which brings me to…

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Procrastinate…Dressmaking and Father’s Day

I’ve always wanted a kimono (or yukata, a simpler version), but they’re extremely expensive and pretty hard to sew…:(

So I decided to craft a mini yukata for my doll (To Tristen: You lucky thing!) from the fabrics I bought on my trip to Kyoto, Japan (see here)!

Excuse the cluttered backgrounds!

The sleeves flared out quite nicely 🙂

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