Email Change Enquiries

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve changed my email to, but I’m subscribed to all WordPress blogs using my old email. Does anyone know how I may be able to refollow blogs using a new email?

Thank you so much! I love you guys and I don’t want to miss any posts just because I changed my email!

xx Solaice


A Big Thank You!

Hi everyone! I can’t believe 2016 is over so quickly, and nearly forty people have browsed and followed my blog!Thank you!.jpg


I love you all!

I’ve started blogging since June 16th, which is not very long at all…only six months! Back in the days when I was Coralie…*sighs reminiscently*

It’s been so wonderful to meet new people on the blogosphere and wake up every morning to read your comments and posts. Blogging has taught me a lot about life, writing and making friends in the big wide world, so I’ve got everyone I’ve met during my six months to thank for that!

I started out wanting this to be a writing blog, but then it turned into so much more- a big party of lifestyle, writing, books and ramblings, and pink glitter!

2017 is very nearly upon us, and I hope it will bring showers of delight and even more blogging, even more likes and even more lovely comments šŸ™‚

Thank you, thank you, thank you, my followers, and everyone who’s ever read anything I’ve written. I kept up the joy that is blogging because of YOU!


xx Sol

Theme Change+Nanowrimo 2016

Hi everyone!

This is a quick post just to notify everyone that I’ve changed the theme forĀ Oh Solace. The header looks a little empty right now, but I’m going to design an image soon!

The second reason for this post is that Nanowrimo is starting in about 6 hours (for me)!! I’m super excited and a little frenzied too, because I haven’t got all the plots figured out properly. However, I’m simply going to enjoy myself, and with a happy mood, I’m sure the Ā plots with string themselves up!

And, for any other Nanowrimo participants, I wish you the best of luck! I know we can do this! Just write on and you’ll find yourself with something beautiful. No matter the crappy spelling or illogical plot lines, just keep putting words on the page…rock on, Wrimos!

x Solaice

October+November Updates

Blogging-wise Updates

The Nano season is upon us!! Which means that I’ll be working my brain non-stop, and constantly chugging up plot bunnies!

One unfortunate thing is that you’ll see less of me blogging-wise. I’ll probably post once a week until the end of November, and twice if I can manage. But that doesn’t mean one postĀ per week. I might write multiple posts, so that’s good news.

Saturday is posting day, and I’ll keep to that if I can (but I can’t!!). I need to spend some more time with my characters or they’ll become orphans!!!

Writing Updates

I’ve pinned up my story mountain and started a new notebook! I’ll be writing another post about Nanowrimo Updates, including the exciting news that isĀ The New YWP Site!

Anyways, I’ve thought up half of Excavated already, and I’m happy to say that Casya will get a proper parent (two, actually), Meredith with appear one way or the other, and Ryker will definitely stick with Casya all the way through.

My word count this time is still 50000 words…*inhales*….CAN I DO IT????????????

We’ll have to see……………………….. šŸ™‚



Hi guys!

I’m going to make a big announcement today…I have changed my SITE ADDRESS to, due to the fact that I have discarded my previous pen name, Coralie Skies (clever folks will know that Solaice Skier is an anagram of Coralie Skies, so she still lives…somewhere).

My site is mostly unchanged, except it’s now named Solaice Skier. Some of you might find this hard to get used to, but I’m sure you will in future!

I’m going to gradually change my sign-offs to Solaice in blog posts, but I probably won’t change EVERY sign off. Just the first dozen or so!

Thank you so much for your support, and don’t get confused!


Solaice Skier

Prompts and a short story

I haven’t written a short story for ages, so today I found a few dialogue prompts and decided to write one that is under 1000 words. Unfortunately I failed. It’s just over 1000 words!! ARGH!!!

Never mind. Here are the prompts (and anyone who wants to use them, please do! I’d so like to see what everyone came up with using the same prompts!)

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The Wisdom of Anagrams

Today, a friend of mine was showing me what the anagrams she created out of a word. That reminded me of my previous passion for anagrams, which came from when I first read A Series Of Unfortunate Events. Lemony Snicket is a genius with anagrams, and due to my love of the series, there was a period when I spent free time jotting down anagrams for the members of my family. But that time has passed, and it’s only today did I think to useĀ Internet Anagram ServerĀ to create an anagram of my name, Coralie Skies.

(in case you don’t know what anĀ anagram is…)

a word or phrase made by changing the order of the letters in another word or phrase

I found out some pretty outrageous truths about my pen name šŸ™‚

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