I haven’t written a post like this for…well, maybe I haven’t written a post like this at all.

But I just wanted to say, we’re all grey. Not right, or wrong. We’re all indefinite.

Grey. Black and white mixed together. We may have more of one and less of the other, but in the end, there is no clear line.

Be proud that you are grey, and never pretend otherwise.

Grey is what makes us unique, and grey is what makes us us. 

Don’t let someone else mix your paint for you. Mix up your perfect grey.

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2017 Book List: Yummy Reads, Lush Retellings and Standalones

I’ve been scouring the World Wide Web for awesome new reads this week! It’s so exciting. I’m particularly drawn to retelling this year, because of the retelling I’m planning to write (some day) when I have time (when will that be?). #referencesarethebest

Actually, book exploring is scary. It’s like falling into the RABBIT HOLE. Here’s what happens to me, normally, which is why I’m terribly afraid of looking for new reads.

(plans to find Splintered by A.G. Howard)

(searches for it)

(finds it on Goodreads)

(reads summary. Browses reviews.)

(good grace! This reviewer just wrote a fantastic review and it’s basically criminal not to read it.)

(ooh, here he’s recommended a book called Heartless. Let me look that up.)

(it’s by Marissa Meyer! Good heavens again, what’s she written before?)

(browses other reviews and finds The Lunar Chronicles)

(ah, this sounds like fun. And this reviewer has an excellent website.)

(on the website…ooh, look at this! She’s recommended Sworn Secret! What’s that about then?)

And many, many happy, delirious hours are spent reading reviews and finding books with criminally beautiful covers. A bookworm’s heaven is one none other can imagine.

I’ve also found some standalones novels. The book market these days is mostly filled with series…duologies (we need more of these!!), trilogies (everyone writes them because apparently movie makers love trilogies. #why?), quartets (rarely I have the energy to get through them…sigh…), and crazy mad series composed of over 5 books. There are also what I call the Decimal Series. Like…4.5 of xxx story…0.1: The story behind xxx character.  I’m going to tell you a little secret: I don’t really like these. Because you have to keep buying them (heaven forbid me not to!), and I get too ADDICTED. Money….*sigh*

Anyway, that’s a bit off the point. Let’s retrace our footsteps and get started on some of these yummy gorgeous reads I can’t wait to sink my teeth in get my hands on.

2017 Book List

(paired with photographs I so painstakingly borrowed from Goodreads.)

(not ordered by favourite-ness or genre)

(paired with occasional rabble from moi)

1. Sworn Secret


by Amanda Jennings

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2016 in Numbers | 2017 Wishes

2017 Heart2.png

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe 2017 is here so quickly! Here we say goodbye to another joy-filled year to welcome a new one. The last thing I did in 2016 is make my Happy New Year graphic, and the first thing I did in 2017 was post it on Instagram (note there are two versions! The latest I posted just now. Which do you like?)

I’ve met so many AWESOME people on the blogosphere, received such lovely comments and awards, and read many, many funny, heart-warming posts by you guys. Seriously, you’re all glittering stars! I never expected to have my posts be read by so many people when I first started Oh Solace (which used to be Cora&Calli)!

Another exciting thing is that Oh Solace has been around for

201 days!

That is absolutely unbelievable! I couldn’t have kept this blog going if not for you gorgeous pineapples 🙂

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Christmas Digital Art Emporium

I can’t believe it’s going to be Christmas in less than a week! Hurrah!

And in honour of such a happy event, I’m going to put up a Christmas Digital Art Emporium. You can find it in the menu~

The CDAE is simply something that allows you to request Christmas or New Year digital art from me. Awesome! *right?* *no?*

You can use my edited images to print out cards for family and friends, or just keep for yourself. You can’t use my images for commercial purposes, but you can request for a copyright free version if you want to put the image on cards.

I will be working from today to January 3rd, so…Christmas to New Year! See details at the CDAE page.

Here’s something I made before…

Merry Christmas2.jpg

Ride your reindeer and head over to the Christmas Digital Art Emporium! I’m waiting with my laptop ready and wearing a Santa outfit 🙂


Solaice xx

Uniquely Similar

As you guys know, I like to randomly browse through…things. And this evening I spent an hour or so browsing through the forums of YWP.

Then I found something so beautiful and true I HAD to post it here.

It is a beautifully written post by Mr. Rob Diaz, the YWP’s wonderful Moderator.

I think we should all try, to some degree, thinking about the subject of uniqueness. What is it? Does that make us all different or all the same?

Let us thank Mr. Diaz for such a thought-provoking, captivating collection of words.

(Everything beneath that line is written by YWP’s Moderator, Mr. Rob Diaz. If you want to reblog this or share it in any way, please tell your readers clearly who wrote this and be sure to thank him!)


I am an old man (okay, I feel older than I really am). I’ve spent a lot of time staring at the world, watching as one group or another has attempted to proclaim that they are better than some other group. Sometimes, even amongst our friends and peers we can’t agree on things. But, usually, we can agree to disagree.

And, usually, we can learn from each other.

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Chinese New Year

December! The month of rest from Nanowrimo…snow…presents…crackers…cosy times with your fave novel…and Christmas!

I look forward to Christmas, definitely, but in Taiwan, more of us celebrate Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year takes place sometimes between the end of January and the beginning of February, because that’s New Year in the lunar calendar, which is what farmers use.

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This is just a super quick post saying that I took my taekwondo yellow belt test today, and I actually passed!!!! *showers myself with confetti and gobbles cake*

I was a little nervous but not so much. The test was pretty easy and I think I did well!

I’ll probably be getting my belt next Saturday, and I’ll definitely post a picture of it then!

Solaice xxxxxxxxxxx