Dancing Back With THE CAST

Hellooooooooooooooo people! I’m back!

(what, you never noticed I’m gone? Meanie!)

I’ve been gone a while, but that’s because I took my term tests yesterday, so I’ve been preparing, and I’ll be planning for Nano, brainstorming, doing homework…etc.

So, LOTS of things are happening, especially since there’s the YWP Nanowrimo beta site coming live.



Of Masqueraded!

I’m just going to introduce you to a a few characters from Masqueraded. The characters from Excavated with come later, in another post, mainly because I need some more time to flesh them out! So far I’ve only got a few- Ryker’s father, who’s a high ranking official; Kerlyn Malone, advisor to the Paramount (whose name I don’t know yet); and Casya’s mother, a failed scientist who used to be extremely successful and trusted, but became a maid after an experiment she conducted that killed hundreds of people. She’s why Casya was sent to the past-to make amends for her mother’s mistakes. But obviously she failed, and…

That’ll be in another post, sorry! Our characters are dying to get on set!

The Cast Of Masqueraded.jpg

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Character Interview With Meredith Ulric

Hello and welcome to ANOTHER edition of Character Interviews by me!

Today we’re gonna do something pretty dangerous.


Run everyone! Hide under the desks! Bring out your semi-automatic rifles!

Meredith: A bunch of uneducated hoodlums! I’m not going to eat you!

Ah, yes, of course, sorry. We’re just going to grab Meredith for some quick questions and throw her back to murder people 🙂 Nice…

I’m going to start a new way of doing character interviews this time! I will simply write the questions and le interviewed will answer below. That way we’ll get less of my rabble.

But seeing as I probably won’t be able to rabble-control, you’ll get some comments from me in italics, too.

Here we go (put on your bullet proof jackets!)…

1. Why did you want to be a political leader? Is there a particular reason?

I just want to see the world changed, and in my opinion, our previous leaders haven’t done well enough. Eirene needs to be reinforced, rebuilt and renewed, rid of our main nuisance and thriving with stars of the future. My parents were extremely supportive, and my purpose is solely to serve my country, which includes disposing of our enemy, the injured and defected, who…

Okay, Meredith, calm down. We’re not on some political show. State your answer and we’ll move onto the next. 

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Naming Susanna…small updates

Ooh! Five responses so far! I hope I get more. The survey is here, if you want to take it.

Thank you for suggesting names, too! I love Susanna Lockner! And, Susanna Banana sounds delicious. Let’s wait for someone to invent a sundae with the name *dances around handing out imaginary sundaes*!

Susanna: Um, no, I’d rather not be named Susanna Banana, but Malcolm can have it if he wants. Malcolm Banana.

Yes, thank you for saying that, Susanna. *waves her away*

I’ll be announcing the final choice soon, so keep a watch out…


Coralie xx

Susanna xx

Excerpt from Masqueraded and updates

Updates first!

As you all know (probably?), I wanted to finish doing the basic grammar editing of Masqueraded in August and September, plan the next book, Excavated, in October, and write it in November. Ah, perfect. The epitome of a writing schedule.

Now I figured that’s kind of impossible. Seeing as I’ve only edited about four chapters of Masqueraded with dwindling enthusiasm, and there are glaring plot holes fixed firmly into place. My characters are still kind of flat, and the world they live in has details that are…um…non-existent.

So, I spent the better part of August world-building, and now that it’s coming to an end, I have some good, slightly solid ideas on how Eirene (the world Masqueraded takes place in) operates, and some other important things. Like what Susanna’s surname is. Gosh, no I haven’t. So SAVE ME by taking the survey here! You can vote on surnames choices for our dear Susanna!

Anyway, my new schedule reads as thus:

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Naming Susanna

I just realised that sounds extremely paradoxical and an oxymoron (sort of) at the same time. Susanna’s already named, Coralie! She’s named Susanna! Duh! you say.

Well, no. I need to decide on her patronymic.

Okay, her surname. I’m going crazy from an overdose of weird words!!!!!!

Here is the survey. Save me!!!

Thank you so much 😉 Susanna thanks you too!

Coralie xx

Character Interview with Susanna

Today we invite over Susanna from Masqueraded for a character interview!

(hang in there Casya, we’ll ask you over later, you’re obviously too busy doing knife training.)

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Do not read if you don’t want Susanna to give away the plot of Masqueraded.

(I’m in bold, Susanna in normal.)

Cora: Hi Susanna!

Susanna: Hi!

Cora: I realise you’ve taken some time out of your extremely busy Eirene Defence Team training to let us give you a brief interview. So, the first thing we want to know is: What is your speciality weapon in the Defence Team program set up by your Paramount, Meredith Ulric? 

Susanna: The thing is, I don’t have a speciality weapon. I’m taught martial arts, so…no weapons when in the Evaluation Hype!

Cora: Evaluation? 

Susanna: Yes. In the Defence Team, we have evaluation in an amplified version of reality called a Hype. It’s pretty scary, even though Paramount Ulric claimed we were in no real danger.

Cora: Can you leak some information about what it’s like to experience a Hype? 

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