About Me


That’s me up there.

 I am a teenager who undertakes the horrific and mesmerising journey known as writing, in orange form. Solaice Skier is my writing pseudonym, born through a rather wild process that involved anagrams, baby naming websites and other fanatic things. I’m still stumbling through the literary universe, and trying to form my thoughts, beliefs and worlds through combining all 26 letters of the alphabet to create something quite worth the read. Although, sometimes I write in my first language, which is Mandarin.

I live in Taiwan, a small sweet potato shaped country in the west of the Pacific Ocean, and I’m the eccentricity in my class.

I am currently writing a Snow White prequel (or, rather, before the Evil Queen gained her title), and I promise it’ll be up for beta reads soon! You can chat with me through the Contact page, or even ask for a few snippets of my novel.