You guys may have noticed that I’ve disappeared for a long time, not writing posts, commenting…etc. It is with a solemn heart that I say a farewell to you guys. Life has been really busy, and I’m sort of tired. I want to spend more time writing my novel and editing photos, so I’ve decided to forgo Oh Solace, no matter how much fun it was writing in it.

Blogging has been a fantastic journey and I loved all the amazing people I met whilst sharing my views with the world! Thank you for all the support you gave me, I’ll never forget how lovely it was chatting with you.

You can still contact me through my contacts page, I won’t be closing that down, but I might be making a new address soon made solely for contacts and beta reading. I’ll definitely tell you guys about it when I have the time to get it done!

A final farewell,



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