Camp Nanowrimo 2017 : Updates #2

Wordcount goal: 30000

Current Wordcount: 12591

Words remaining: 17409

Current Chapter: Chapter Eight

Feeling: Slightly frantic because I’m like 900 words behind schedule and I still need to develop loads of things and WTHRIGO*????????

*What The Hopping Rainbows Is Going On????????

I’m actually sneaking stealthily away from Pages to write this post, so I’ve got to be quick.

I’m actually nearly a thousand words behind my schedule, but that’s okay because according to Camp, I only have to write an extra 25 words per day to reach my goal. I LOVE YOU, STATS.


Actually, the only thing I’m vaguely able to show you is the Prologue, so here it is. Everything else is terribly un-made-up and has cereal all over their wordy faces, so #no.


“Which mirror, my dear customer, would you like to purchase? A gilded one? Stone? That’s the trend now, you know. Or perhaps one of these, crafted by Emilian d’Neiro, which I recently acquired from a particularly vicious Northern tribe in the Mortem Valleys?“

I ran my fingers along the smooth surface of the mirrors, holding my breath. It wasn’t the musty air, for I’d gotten used to that long ago. No, it was the importance of my decision.

“I say, do you think a great many things with hang on my choice?” I asked subtly, and weaved around a large clay pot on the dusty ground. I glanced up at the old books, strange trinkets and gimmicks, wondering if I would have a chance to know the history behind them all.

The Apothecary smiled and shrugged.

“I do not know, my dear. But really it’s similar to choosing the right urn to store your ashes. Are you sure you’re strong enough to perform the rituals needed? You’re not as young and strong as you were before?”

I slapped my hands on a mirror. It cracked in two, a perfect jagged line down the middle, shining despite the dimness in the room.

“I’ll take this one, thank you. You’re too long-winded.”

“I’ll have it wrapped up in four seconds! And, my dear, I would take that as a compliment.”

I scowled, still not used to how irritating he was.

And how much I needed him.


Waht dayya thinkeh? Pretty proud of this part.

The second good news is that I’ve added a bit more things to my spidery mind map, so that’s going quite well.

A bad news is that I’ve just had an urge to write a story about an eighty year old grandma battling monsters with her cane whilst taking care of 6 cats and trying to complete her knitting pattern, and the evil story behind Dora The Explorer, ever since I found them on YWP…so…maybe you’ll see them in July????

Have a good day and begin to prepare your jobs as first-draft alpha readers!! I’m waitin’ with your eager responses in my inbox (Joking. Or am I.)




11 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo 2017 : Updates #2

  1. Ooh, nice prologue! And that’s a great word count — I got off track by 1k words, like, three days in. And then I ditched my project and started a new one on the 11th. #whoops XD

    Liked by 2 people

      1. SHUSH CHILD. XDD I did send you bunches of snippets so BE SATISFIEEEED (satisfiiied satisfiiied history has its eyesss on look around isn’t this enough he will never be satisfied and i’ll stop here XD)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh, awesome! And haha, I actually was 1000 words behind too. But then the other day I just wrote and wrote — and I surpassed my daily goal. XD And YES thank GOODNESS for stats! I would die without them tbh. (And frankly that bar graph is honestly the only thing keeping me going.)

    Liked by 1 person

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