Theme Change+Nanowrimo 2016

Hi everyone!

This is a quick post just to notify everyone that I’ve changed the theme for Oh Solace. The header looks a little empty right now, but I’m going to design an image soon!

The second reason for this post is that Nanowrimo is starting in about 6 hours (for me)!! I’m super excited and a little frenzied too, because I haven’t got all the plots figured out properly. However, I’m simply going to enjoy myself, and with a happy mood, I’m sure the  plots with string themselves up!

And, for any other Nanowrimo participants, I wish you the best of luck! I know we can do this! Just write on and you’ll find yourself with something beautiful. No matter the crappy spelling or illogical plot lines, just keep putting words on the page…rock on, Wrimos!

x Solaice


The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi everyone!

I’ve been on and off lately (the latter more frequently 😉 ), which is mainly because of schoolwork…Nano panning (which is completely mad and hectic)…reading…me being lazy

But recently I’ve been nominated by April of April Dreams for…

The Versatile Blogger Award.jpg

Thank you so much, April, I haven’t had an award/tag for ages! Be sure to check out her awesome blog!!

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Nanowrimo~Gear Pack

The Nanowrimo 2016 Prep Season had begun (long ago)!

Here’s my Participant banner…


I’m going to put it up in the sidebar soon.

Anyways, this post is a little late, and I’m sure you’re all bursting to write, which means you’ve put together your gear packs already. I know I’ve got my writer brain on (I’ve dumped my regular brain somewhere else…I might have lost it already…but who cares 😉 ), and my table’s going into a writerly mess (a.k.a. tangle of pens, paper, notebooks, sticky notes and god knows what. Maybe I’ve even got a hidden wormhole somewhere and one sunny morning in November I’m going to fall into it and come out in Mars). Which I LOVE!

I should start writing this post…it’s nearly eight now…and I want to keep reading One Comes Home by Amy Timberlake…

Nanowrimo Gear Pack.png

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October+November Updates

Blogging-wise Updates

The Nano season is upon us!! Which means that I’ll be working my brain non-stop, and constantly chugging up plot bunnies!

One unfortunate thing is that you’ll see less of me blogging-wise. I’ll probably post once a week until the end of November, and twice if I can manage. But that doesn’t mean one post per week. I might write multiple posts, so that’s good news.

Saturday is posting day, and I’ll keep to that if I can (but I can’t!!). I need to spend some more time with my characters or they’ll become orphans!!!

Writing Updates

I’ve pinned up my story mountain and started a new notebook! I’ll be writing another post about Nanowrimo Updates, including the exciting news that is The New YWP Site!

Anyways, I’ve thought up half of Excavated already, and I’m happy to say that Casya will get a proper parent (two, actually), Meredith with appear one way or the other, and Ryker will definitely stick with Casya all the way through.

My word count this time is still 50000 words…*inhales*….CAN I DO IT????????????

We’ll have to see……………………….. 🙂


Dancing Back With THE CAST

Hellooooooooooooooo people! I’m back!

(what, you never noticed I’m gone? Meanie!)

I’ve been gone a while, but that’s because I took my term tests yesterday, so I’ve been preparing, and I’ll be planning for Nano, brainstorming, doing homework…etc.

So, LOTS of things are happening, especially since there’s the YWP Nanowrimo beta site coming live.



Of Masqueraded!

I’m just going to introduce you to a a few characters from Masqueraded. The characters from Excavated with come later, in another post, mainly because I need some more time to flesh them out! So far I’ve only got a few- Ryker’s father, who’s a high ranking official; Kerlyn Malone, advisor to the Paramount (whose name I don’t know yet); and Casya’s mother, a failed scientist who used to be extremely successful and trusted, but became a maid after an experiment she conducted that killed hundreds of people. She’s why Casya was sent to the past-to make amends for her mother’s mistakes. But obviously she failed, and…

That’ll be in another post, sorry! Our characters are dying to get on set!

The Cast Of Masqueraded.jpg

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