Beautiful Words #37

This is the name of a submarine captain in A Series Of Unfortunate Events, who is famous for his hurried, and sometimes ill-made, decisions. Indeed, his motto is ‘He who hesitates is lost.’



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Prepping For Nanowrimo

The super tense, super fast and super fun month of October, otherwise known as Nano Prep Season, is beginning soon! But I’m going to kick start Nano Prep a bit earlier, seeing as I have planned next to nothing for my Nano novel Excavated. 

I won’t post as much as I usually do (which is too much) during November, because I’ll be, for the first time ever, juggling schoolwork and Nano simultaneously. There will be a few short posts updating my progress, and of course you can find out about things via the little word count bar I’ll put in my sidebar. In case anyone doesn’t know what that looks like, it looks like this:

30000 / 50000 words. 60% done!

I’m going to write 50000 words, naturally, but that might be a stretch. BUUUUTTTTT I’m still going to try! Trying doesn’t hurt!

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The Grand Finale…#7 To Write Or Not To Write

Hello, people! Here we are, the


Are you already hanging onto the ends of your plot threads, armed with nimble fingers and a sharp mind, ready to whip them up into a neat ending? Or are you one to leave a few stray plots dangling for your next masterpiece? Whichever one you are, today I’m going give a few tips on how to write your Grand Finale, pointers on brainstorming a sequel and some information about editing 🙂 Enjoy!

The Grande FInale.png

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Character Interview With Meredith Ulric

Hello and welcome to ANOTHER edition of Character Interviews by me!

Today we’re gonna do something pretty dangerous.


Run everyone! Hide under the desks! Bring out your semi-automatic rifles!

Meredith: A bunch of uneducated hoodlums! I’m not going to eat you!

Ah, yes, of course, sorry. We’re just going to grab Meredith for some quick questions and throw her back to murder people 🙂 Nice…

I’m going to start a new way of doing character interviews this time! I will simply write the questions and le interviewed will answer below. That way we’ll get less of my rabble.

But seeing as I probably won’t be able to rabble-control, you’ll get some comments from me in italics, too.

Here we go (put on your bullet proof jackets!)…

1. Why did you want to be a political leader? Is there a particular reason?

I just want to see the world changed, and in my opinion, our previous leaders haven’t done well enough. Eirene needs to be reinforced, rebuilt and renewed, rid of our main nuisance and thriving with stars of the future. My parents were extremely supportive, and my purpose is solely to serve my country, which includes disposing of our enemy, the injured and defected, who…

Okay, Meredith, calm down. We’re not on some political show. State your answer and we’ll move onto the next. 

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