Things I Wish Were Invented

I’ve actually got time for a fun post! YAY!

So, today, I’ve been wondering if people invented these things…the great benefits it’d have for mankind! Any of these, if invented would easily equal the importance of the invention of CHOCOLATE!

Waterproof books

Now there are not only hardback and paperback…there is waterproof back! That way I can read in the bath or when it’s raining. BONUS: An adhesive thingy on the back, so I can jam it on the wall, making it easier to reach and flip.

Which brings me to…

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Updates, rambles and Susanna’s Surname

Hello! You’ll all have to bear a little rambling from me. But don’t worry, I promise I’m good at making rambling fun (or so I hope). And, also, in this post you get to find out Susanna’s surname, so stick around.

So, as you all know (unless you skipped through my posts, in which case *puts dunce hat o you*), I’ve got school! But I’ve met some pretty nice teachers, which means I can probably get everything done before eight o’clock. Goody!

Despite that I’ve got an hour and a half free time, I still won’t be able to do major posts (like this one, with a lot of writing, or a TWONTW post) until the weekend. Beautiful Words are fine, though, I hope.

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Announcement from Beautiful Words

Hello! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read the Beautiful Words collection on Oh, Solace! This brief announcement is to tell everyone that I may not be able to provide a word every day (or every other day) anymore. I will try to, but since there’s school and homework, I probably won’t be able to. But, whenever I have time, I’ll place several words in a post, and put together Beautiful Words collections to make up for no-word days.

Thank you for your support! *hugs for all!*

Solaice xx

Thank you!

This is just a brief half post to thank everything for 18 followers since I started blogging on June 16th! This is just phenomenal! *shakes hands with everyone in a world-wide radius*

I’ll continue blogging, of course. I’m looking forward to my next 18, but the main joy of blogging is sharing my writing, dreams and ramblings with the world. Thank you!

Coralie xx