Beautiful Words #1

Hi…I’ve just started a Beautiful Words collection, which aims to introduce one rarely heard-of word per day to help with writing, reading, talking…etc.

Today I introduce…



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Camp Nano Winner!


Breaking news! *weeps in joy and leaps around the perimeter of Nanoland*


50000 words!! I am so so so happy! ūüėÄ

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The Inevitable Actions of the Writer

Following the Inevitable Inner Thoughts of the Writer, this is Inevitable Actions of the Writer! More relation guaranteed…

1. You write in PJs (because why bother getting out of them when it’s more comfortable?)

2. Whenever something asks you a question or speaks to you while you’re writing, you get uncannily¬†irritated and bark like an old dog. Because don’t they understand they just broke your train of thought when you’re about to compose the most epic¬†sentence of the whole history of humankind?????

3. You can be blind, deaf, and handicapped simultaneously while you’re writing. Except to the computer screen/page you’re writing on.¬†Which is so helpful because who¬†wants the mundane to cloud their Inner Eye Of Utmost Creativity?

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The Inevitable Inner Thoughts of the Writer

This is something I’ve seen around a lot……¬†So how could I not be tempted to make a list of my own?

(if you’re a writer, you’re probably be able to relate…like, a LOT)

1. You’ve dreamed up this SUPER AWESOME novel idea and for the several weeks before you start writing the actual book, you think it’s so brilliant it should be nominated for Best Plot Bunny Awards. HUGS FOR EVERYONE IN A TEN MILE RADIUS!

2. You start writing the first chapter. Going well. Then…third chapter. God. When has the idea become so awful and unbelievably difficult to manage? It sucks, your writing sucks, and you suck generally. When you delve into novel land, you live like a hermit. You complain to non-writer friends that your writing is so awful you want to stuff your head down a toilet. (of course no one anywhere near sympathetic arrives to¬†rescue you!)

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A Letter To My Laptop-The GIRLPOWER Award

I’ve specifically written this letter because I’ve been nominated by Selene Silver of¬†Hearth¬†for the Girlpower Award. I have to write a 300 word (at least) blog post about my favourite thing/person/book/anything. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time anyway…;)

Dear Mr. Laptop,

Thank you so much for staying with me all through my writing my books! How do you feel? Hungry? Do I need to feed you some electricity? Anyway, if you feel hungry any time at all, feel free to say so. You don’t have to lock it all in and stay starved, you know.

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Camp Nano update…etc.

Hello, fellow Wrimos, friends, writers, followers, people and plot wolves waiting to murder me in my sleep!

Anyways, I found that I’ve been a little distant since Camp Nanowrimo 2016 started. I guess it’s because I’ve been busy catching up on my word count¬†and catching plot bunnies.

And then, GAH! This morning I realised


So here I am, giving the writers among you some word count climbing tips, an excerpt of Masqueraded, my Camp Nano novel and just little writing updates.

If you’re STILL hurrying to up your word count, I’d like to recommend these:

Think about what you’d like to write…or even write it first!

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The Selection by Kiera Cass


Image source: Goodreads

I’ve never really reviewed anything before, so this is my first. I decided on The Selection by Kiera Cass because I’ve just finished it and, well, it’s a really delicious read.

Note: I’m not going to be all formal and do a synopsis, a plot summary…etc. I’m going to use my favourite list-it way ūüėČ The things I admire first and then things that could be improved.

Summary first (even though I said I’m not going to do a summary)

In The Selection, we meet America Singer, who has been chosen to be part of the Selection, to compete with 35 other girls to be crowned queen and be the future wife of Prince Maxon. For America this is a nightmare, because it means leaving her secret love Aspen, and being thrown into a furious competition to fight for a crown she never wanted. But, as she gradually gets to know Prince Maxon, she begins to realise that what she thought she wanted might change after all.

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