Yesterday wasn’t a day for writing…so I decided to sew gorgeous Victorian style clothes for my Moxie Teenz doll, Tristen….they turned out way better than I thought they would! 🙂

This is a two part formal Victorian dress, complete with bonnet and a handkerchief. doll4.jpg

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Fill The Gap

This exercise is called Fill The Gap because (one billion pounds for anyone who guesses the answer)…..

YES!! Clever you! It’s because you fill the gap. How smart of you.

Okay, fill the gap of what?

You know when you think up two amazingly thrilling and exciting plots for you story, but you don’t know what’s going to happen between those plots? You’re going to fill the gap between those plots! Now that’s exciting.

When that happens for me (one boring bits sandwiched between two awesome bits), I try ones of the following:

1. I toss in a bit of romance. It’s nice to have a romantic break here and there between all the bungee jumping and sky diving your characters do!

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Keeping up with your word count

Nanowrimo event months are always stressing, but fun as well. I mean, without them, who’s going to tell me to get on with my novel?

This month, I’m aiming for the traditional 5oK work count, which means at least 1613 words per day. Now, that sounds pretty daunting, but if you succeed, you’ll get to see a sweet little picture like this (if you use a word count meter):

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 6.00.09 PM

So, to help you guys (and me) reach 50K, I have gathered some tips I use to keep up that word count!

1. I make word count calendars, which is basically a piece of paper with dates and spaces for recording your word count. As you fill in those 31 gaps, you can add stickers or write encouragements for yourself, or, if you leave enough room, write down which parts of your novel you want to complete by what time. Believe it or not, just the thought of filling in a space or sticking a smiley face on it motivates you to write 1613 words!

2. I also plan out my novel carefully before hand. It’s useful if you plan out what you’re going to write each day. Say, Chapter One on the first day, editing that chapter on the second day, Chapter Two on the third day…etc. That way you’ll always know what to write, and once you’ve done that bit, you can chillax and get a cup of tea.

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Character Interview with Morrigan Faye

My first completed and published book is Finding Victorious, which can be bought on Amazon Kindle here.

Well, I suppose we’ve got to know our protagonist, Morrigan Faye, well before we read the book. So I have invited a Year Ten Riggy over for a quick interview…


(I’m in bold, while Morrigan’s answers are in normal.)


Cora: Hello, Morrigan, it’s really nice to have you here at Cora&Calli!

Morrigan: Yes, I’m really glad to be here too!

Cora: Okay, first question, and I promise it won’t be too tough…what is your favourite book/books?

Morrigan: Wow, that’s really hard to say…I’d say Finding Victorious for sure, because that’s got me in it :)! But my second favourite is Dork Diaries, because Nikki is really a LOT like me- weird, shy, creative.

Cora: I LOVE Dork Diaries too!! Now, what’s your favourite colour?

Morrigan: Blue or white. They remind me of clouds.

Cora: And your favourite hairstyle?

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What’s Utopia?


Utopia…something that crops up more often than not in YA novels. Or its twin, Dystopia.

I am trying to write a novel set in a Utopian world, and I’m having headaches because I don’t KNOW what Utopia is!

Okay, maybe I do have a general idea. For me, it’s a place where we can choose whatever lives we want to lead, and there is peace between all humankind. No resource is wasted and no one is judged by their race, religion, gender or beliefs…pretty much the perfect world for me!

This is Ms Veronica Roth’s, author of the ‘Divergent’ series, thoughts about utopia:

But if I we’re going to create a utopia, I would make a world in which people are focused on their personal, moral obligations, and strive to be the best possible version of themselves. They would be allowed to choose whatever path they wanted in life. They would know what was expected of them, they would have a clear purpose, and they would have a strong sense of group identity and belonging.

It’s actually got stuff similar to my views!
But anyways, Utopia is still a world I need to investigate more!